Board of Directors 2023-2024 - Contacts

Back Row: Stacy Thorburn (SSRCE), Kelly MacLeod (HRCE), Danielle Aucoin (CBVRCE), Maria Carty (AVRCE), Marc Poirier (CSAP), Isaac Schurman (AVRCE), Theresa Nickerson (CCRCE), Keri Butler (HRCE), Kathy Weatherbee (CCRCE)
Front Row: Steve Wells (CCRCE), Kevin Gobien (TCRCE), Amy Hunt (HRCE), Scott Armstrong - Chair,  Sheldon States (AVRCE), Mamoona Brace (HRCE), Paul Landry (SRCE)
Missing: Brian van den Heuvel (SRCE), Mark MacPhee (HRCE)

Scott Armstrong


Danielle Aucoin Director - CBVRCE Principal - Breton Education Centre
Mamoona Brace Director - Appointed Principal - Caldwell Road Elementary
Keri Butler Director - HRCE  Vice-Principal - J.L. Ilsley High School

Maria Carty

Director/Secretary - Appointed 

Coordinator of Student Achievement, Assessment & Mathematics
Kevin Gobien Director - TCRCE Vice-Principal - Meadowfields Community School
Amy Hunt Director/Vice-Chair - HRCE Principal - Fairview Heights Elementary
Paul Landry Director - Appointed Regional Executive Director SRCE

Kelly MacLeod

Director - HRCE

Principal - Lockview High School
Mark MacPhee Director - Appointed Principal - Gorsebrook Junior High
Theresa Nickerson Director - Appointed Vice-Principal - Elmsdale District School
Marc Poirier Director - CSAP Directeur - École secondaire de Clare
Isaac Schurman Director - AVRCE Principal - St. Mary's Elementary
Sheldon States Director - Appointed Principal - West Hants Middle School
Stacy Thorburn Director - SSRCE Principal - Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy
Brian van den Heuvel  Director/Treasurer - SRCE Coordinator of INSchool Technology
Kathy Weatherbee Director - CCRCE Principal - Truro Elementary

Steve Wells Director - CCRCE Principal - Cyrus Eaton Elementary School